From the recording Grassfed 'Self Titled'

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It’s been many years fightin back the tears with achin hearts and worried minds
I know we had our times
And now we realize
We felt love, then it went wrong
I still think about you when your gone

Drivin in the rain, all i feel is pain
As these memories come floodin in
We’d go out the the park
and dance in the dark
In the middle of the pourin rain

All they do is stay
These memories won’t fade
It’s been so long
I still think about you when you're gone

Momma would see us then cook us up some food
We’d eat it up and head out down the road
I’d learn a couple songs and you’d sing along
With little whispers of I love you

Driving down the road destination unknown
Listening to loves sweet song
I still think about you when you're gone