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  1. Bluegrass Man

From the recording Grassfed 'Self Titled'

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Workin all day long I've sweat in my eyes
Sun shinnin so hot i think that i may die
Punch the clock at 5 o'clock, go home and change my shirt
Head to the bar, it aint far start pickn through the night
Up in the mornin trying to make it in on time
Can't say that i like the work but i need the dime
Bossman don't understand
I'm a bluegrass man

We’ll open it up we’ll close er down
We’ll stay and do another round
Try not to get in trouble with the law
If we do our friends can help us get where we’re goin
Probably turn out to be in a song
They picked me up threw me up
Threw me down
Tossed my ass straight to the ground
Told me i was guilty of a crime
The law man don't understand
I'm a bluegrass man

My lady every night wonders where I am
But she knows i'm out there pickin with the band
My love for her is strong, hopefully we don't split
Darlin I can tell you now, it's something I'll never quit
You call my phone all night it's always dead
I know it gets in your mind and messes with you head darlin I hope you understand
I'm a bluegrass man

Some of you sure understand
I'm a bluegrass man.